VMware vSphere

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VMware Fusion

VMware Workstation 16 Pro for Linux and Windows, ESD. Min. one year support required

VMware Workstation

VMware Workstation 16 Pro for Linux and Windows, ESD. Min. one year support required
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VMware Workstation licences, vSphere in VMstore

The improvement of IT operations, broadly defined development, implementing innovative solutions – all this is possible thanks to virtualisation software. Suitable visualisation of actions, starting from data centres, through processing the data in a cloud and ending with portable devices, guarantees that IT services can be provided regardless of place, time and type of device. VMstore is an official partner of VMware - a leading brand in the virtualisation software industry. VMstore offers a broad range of products and updates at the best prices.

Our VMstore webpage provides our customers with complete solutions concerning IT, telecommunication and effective security systems. Thanks to these, companies are able to operate in a dynamic, efficient, and profitable way, significantly simplifying the IT infrastructure and data centre, which in turn improves the company’s work and comfort. Products recommended by us only include those, based on the concepts of reputable brands.


We offer a comprehensive range of VMware vSphere products, including: Essentials Kit, Essentials Plus Kit. An appropriate 1-year support package should be added respectively, which contains technical support available 12 hours a day, or 3-year support, which includes equivalent technical services . The Essentials Kit is a virtualization and server management starter kit for small businesses. It consists of 6 CPU licences and 1 vCenter Server Essentials licence. The Essentials Plus Kit differs from the basic version, in that it offers additional applications, such as: VMware vSphere Storage Appliance for Essentials Plus, VMware Data Protection and VMware vMotion. The cost of a 1-year or 3-year standard support package or production level support should be added to the product’s price.

The Standard Acceleration Kit, Enterprise Acceleration Kit and Enterprise Plus Acceleration Kit are solutions which are slightly more expensive within this category. They enable the development of a company, management of any number of virtual machines, optimisation of resource use, access to the condition and current load of virtual machines. A suitable support package should be chosen for every product.

If you need a software licence for 1 physical processor, you should choose vSphere for Processors, which guarantees constant availability of services and a high level of security, with a comprehensive monitoring and management panel for all virtual machines.


We also offer a broad range of updates, including: Upgrade Essentials Kit to Essentials Plus for the Essentials Plus version, Upgrade Essentials Plus to Standard Acceleration and Essentials Plus to Enterprise Acceleration Kit. They all provide access to new functions, necessary for developing companies. Updates in many cases, ensure the recovery of resources improving access, new monitoring solutions, access to a broad range of solutions concerning application performance and centralization of the interface. The price of updates varies: from several thousand up to over ten thousand pounds.

We also offer VMware Workstation 12 - software for professionals, who use virtual machines at work. This software is compatible with Windows 8.1 and also enables the creation of very strong, virtual machines with even 16 cores and hard drives up to 8 TB and 64 GB of memory. Additionally, it guarantees easy access to them from the cloud, data centre and PC as well as operating up to 20 virtual networks.

By offering the best solutions from reputable companies at attractive prices. We hope to become a suitable partner who will effectively help you to build a well organized and thriving company infrastructure.

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