VMware vCenter– academic platform for management of the VMware environment.

The developed vCenter tool dedicated for academic use, provides among others- proactive resource management. As it is built on the newest solutions, the platform is characterized by scalability and centralized management. Insight is possible at every level of the infrastructure. Available options are particularly important for educational institutions, where resources and requirements grow rapidly.

vCenter solutions significantly unify and simplify all configuration, which translates into efficient work and a shorter activity period. What’s important, control is possible from anywhere. This sort of flexibility means the user is not restricted by any useless barriers. Lack of need for re-authentication also translates into easier access. Customized functions allow the assignment of authority to selected users for specific parts of resources.

Implementation of the tool and its operation is very intuitive. The open architecture allows cooperation with applications and tools. Thanks to proactive optimization, resources are used in the best possible way, fully compliant with expectations and real needs. Effective and efficient management are the foundation for an institution, focused on development and keeping up with the latest technologies, which allow them to stand out from the competition.

VMware tools seamlessly fit into the business of schools and educational facilities, constituting an ideal solution to systematize daily work.

Academic vCenter

VMware Fusion