VMware vCenter – platform for managing the VMware environment.

VMware vCenter ensures a centralized, scalable and extendable platform for proactive management of the VMware environment. As one of the most popular solutions, based on these types of methods, it allows for centralized control and visualization at all levels of the infrastructure. Administration regards physical hosts as well as virtual machines. Among the available functions, it is worth noting the unified and simple configuration method.

Centralized control is possible from any place in the world. vCenter allows you to log-in without the need to re-authenticate. Assigning specific roles to users enables restricted access to general resources of virtual machines and the creation of customized functions.

Within the scope of management, the vCenter solution provides allocation of CPU and memory resources to virtual machines running on the same physical servers. It can be modified during operation.

An open architecture allows integration with other equipment and applications. Operation is problem-free and intuitive. Infrastructure monitoring allows fast responses. Thanks to the wide offer of VMware products, it is possible to expand existing functions with additional options.

The newest technology applied in the solutions allow for effective and efficient work. Proactive optimization ensures maximum use of available resources and the use of functions, which are fully adapted to the needs and expectations of users.


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