vSphere for Processors – a virtual environment for every company infrastructure.

Virtualization software enables a company to develop considerably, introduce innovative solutions and improve many IT operations. VMware has been a leader in the virtualization software industry for many years, offering interesting solutions including products and many updates, which aim to improve the company infrastructure.

vSphere for Processors mainly consists of: VMware vSphere with Operations Management Standard for 1 processor, VMware vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise for 1 processor, VMware vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus for 1 processor. The first one enables very cheap implementation of a virtual environment for almost every company infrastructure, thus achieving its further flexible development. It facilitates access to current traffic and the condition of virtual machines. It guarantees data safety and constant access to the service. VMware vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise with a license for one physical preccessor carries out very similar tasks; it assures a very high level of security, enables efficient management and monitoring as well as increasing the application’s performance. The last license, Operations Management Enterprise Plus, enables virtualization through platform edition as well as enabling its further expansion. vSOM guarantess automatic management, high efficiency of applications and the highest level of security. An appropriate standard support package or production level support should be chosen for each product - both versions are available for one or three year periods.

vSphere for Processors

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