VMware Updates - Upgrade

VMware provides extended functionality updates for its products. Updating a present package through an upgrade, is much cheaper than purchasing another software licence. VMstore offers several upgrades of software versions. The most popular are: Upgrade Essentials Kit for Essentials Plus and Upgrade Essentials Plus for Standard Acceleration. 

Flexibility of VMware virtualization software enables customization to the individual needs of users. Software upgrades also provide constant adaptation to the changing needs of companies. 

Such elements as cost reduction and immediate implementation, make VMware product updates a significant component in the offer, aimed to improve the customer’s virtual environment infrastructure. There are two forms of licence upgrades available: commercial (intended for companies) and academic (for higher education facilities and schools).

A broad range of updates for newer versions, especially those concerning the vSphere platform, allows the development of software along with the increased requirements of users and organizations.

VMware vSphere Upgrades

VMware Fusion

Academic licenses